Urban House Bike Rental

Bike Rental

Up for some pedaling?

Check out Recycles for the coolest ride in town. Rent out your favorite, just ask one of our hosts to help you. Prices: 95 DKK/6 hours, 135 DKK/day, 6000 DKK for ever!

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Self-service kitchen

The DIY kitchen. Pancakes, toast and orange juice coming up!

Urban Bar, Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Urban Bar

Everything important happens here;

you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner, grab a Carlsberg or craft beer, taste our burgers, and – most importantly – meet other people. Tip: it helps if you’re sitting alone at the bar. Happy Hour from 7 to 9 pm.

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Wash & Watch

Somebody’s got to do the laundry;

but with a nice TV set and headphones to accompany you while you wait, it might as well be you. 25 DKK for a wash, another 25 for drying.

Live Music, Urban Bar 2016

Live Stage

This is where we invite our guests to get comfortable on stage if they have something to share: a song, a poem, bit of stand-up, whatever comes naturally. And when our guests are not on stage, we make sure the fun is guaranteed with a local selection of artists and events. Ask a host if you’d like to perform!

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Hangover Room, Urban House, 2016

The Quiet Room
aka Hangover Lounge

We’ve all been there. If the headache gets unmanageable and you need some peace & quiet, we know just the place. Use with moderation.

Urban House Pool

Library & Pool Room

The kind of intellectual activities not everyone understands, and few practice.

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You’re here to relax and mingle.

One of the staff’s favorite place.

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Locker room

Need to hang around without all your stuff in the way?

Say no more. Whether you’ve arrived prior to check-in time or just need to keep your things in a safe place, use these lockers for your big or small travel bag(s).
5 DKK/1 hour, 50 DKK/day

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Classics Cinema

Watch your favorite classics and share some popcorn with the person sitting next to you that you just met.

Green Escape, Urban House 2017

The Green Escape

Our own private back yard. If you feel like you need to escape from the indoors for a while, this is a good place to start with. Fresh air and green area guaranteed. Open from April until September. When the sun is out, you can always sneak out.