vesterbro tour copenhagen

Fri-Mon: Alternative Tour Copenhagen

Beyond the hipsters and gelato stands, there’s an amazing tale to tell about Copenhagen’s underground scene and the people who have made it, and continue to make it great. Once you’ve heard their stories, you’ll never want to live downtown again.

This tour lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and includes the following destinations:

  • The Free State of Christiania
  • The uber-hip district of Vesterbro
  • The meat-packing district (Kødbyen)
  • The Red-Light District
  • The Green-Light District
  • Mikkeller gypsy brewery
  • Det skarpe Hjørne, Copenhagen’s hard drug nerve
  • Mariakirken
  • Mændenes hjem homeless shelter
  • The New Theatre (Det ny teater)
  • Eliaskirken
  • Absalonsgade museum street
  • The Royal shooting range
 Meeting point: Baresso Coffee, Bernstorffsgade 4

Price: 120 DKK regular/100 DKK for students

For more info or to book your spot, see here.

This tour runs from Friday to Monday.